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This Generation Leads: The Latest Leadership Ideas from South Africa

“This book was born out of an idea that I had during the period in which I spent time with several young people who had approached me to assist them in different ways, including personal development, career advancement and growth, as well as growing their businesses and entrepreneurial acumen and skills. I took the challenge but felt that more could be achieved, hence this book.

The chapters in this book are written by each one of these young people. They chose the topics, guided by me, and the plan was to simply convey a message from each one of them about leadership. They did not do this for fame or to sell this book to make money, but to share their ideas. The topics covered in this book will appeal to different readers, and some readers might find more lessons in one chapter or in more chapters than one.

I urge each one of you who read this book to pick one or a few lessons and share it with those you wish to make a difference to. Mentorship of young people is critical, but this does not mean that the mentors will provide handouts in the form of money. People who wish to grow, are not interested in money, they are interested in a piece of your generous heart.”

- Mike Teke

Muzi Kuzwayo (ed)
South Africa's Promise
Mike Teke (ed)

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  • Mentor's Note
    Mike Teke
  • Foreword
    Muzi Kuzwayo
  • 1. Project Porcupine
    My Greatest Inspiration
    Sthabile Zwane
  • 2. Ethical Leadership
    Zipho Buthelezi
  • 3. Philanthropy and Leadership
    Hearts and Minds
    Boipontsho Mnguni
  • 4. It was never meant to be a Man’s Game
    Seapei Mafoyane
  • 5. Leadership and the Corporate Ladder
    My take
    Mfanasibili Emmanuel Mdhluli
  • 6. Hitch your Wagon to the Stars
    “Finding the Right Mentor”
    Priscilla Pholotho
  • 7. The Importance of Purpose and Personal Vision in Leadership
    A Conversation with the Next Generation of South African Leaders – the Meaning and Essence of Leadership
    Msizi Khoza
  • 8. The Union of Leadership and Management in the Role of a CEO
    Althea Discala
  • 9. Leading with the Heart and Mind
    Justin Plaatjes
  • 10. The Right Leadership Style
    Fanele Mnguni
  • 11. The Politics of Leadership
    Banzi Giyose
  • 12. Best Led Organisations
    Andries Nkabinde
  • 13. Credibility and Thought Leadership
    Mpumelelo Mdhladhla
  • 14. God and Leadership
    Nina Christina Greyling
  • 15. The Theory and Practice of Leadership
    An Experiential and Reflexive Perspective in the Context of Professional Development
    Sizwe Phakathi
  • 16. Discovering the Leader in You
    Mbali Mkhonto

Author Biographies

Mike Teke, Seritiza

Chief Executive Officer

Sizwe Phakathi, Minerals Council South Africa

Head of Safety and Sustainable Development

Nina Christina Greyling, Nortons Inc


Mpumelelo Mdhladhla, Volkswagen Southern Africa

Head – Energy Programmes

Andries Nkabinde, City of Ekurhuleni

Customer Relations Manager at Kwa-Thema Customer Center

Banzi Giyose, BG Global

Executive Chairman

Fanele Mnguni, TomTracks (Pty) Ltd

Managing Director

Althea Discala, Masimong Group Holdings

Chief Executive Officer

Mfanasibili Emmanuel Mdhluli, Standard Bank Group

Platform Owner: SAS

Seapei Mafoyane, Espy Advisory Services

Managing Director

Boipontsho Mnguni, FMCG and Banking Industry

Human Resources Professional

Zipho Buthelezi, ZSS Projects Resources (PTY) Ltd

Chief Executive Officer

Mbali Mkhonto, University of Johannesburg

President of the University of Johannesburg Convocation

Sthabile Zwane, Seritiza

Lead: Risk, Governance and Insurance

March 1, 2022

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170mm x 240mm x 11.3mm

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Amazon Kindle
ISBN-13 (15)
Date of first publication (11)

Details about the available publication format: Amazon Paperback

Amazon Paperback
ISBN-13 (15)
Date of first publication (11)
Physical Dimensions
170mm x 240mm x 11.3mm