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The Battle at Mamusa: The Western Transvaal border culture and the ethno-dissolution of the last functioning Korana polity

The Battle of Mamusa reflects the grievous event in the Western Transvaal border culture context that contributed profoundly to the dissolution of the last functioning Korana polity. The narrative presented in this work is exceptional for at least two reasons: Firstly, for the thoughtful manner in which the intriguing concept of metaphors is applied in this study of historical ethnography cum ethnohistory. Secondly, for the skilful way in which the author relates the battle of Mamusa to how present-day Korana and neo- Khoisan communities, in a new context, are relating to their future in a post-1994 constitutional dispensation.
Prof. Henry C (Jatti) Bredekamp
University of the Western Cape

Piet Erasmus
University of the Free State

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. The origin of the Korana and their early history
  • 3. The fate of the remaining Korana communities in the central interior
  • 4. The frontier policy and ethos of the Boers
  • 5. The drivers of the wheel of action
  • 6. The ‘Kidney War’ and its consequences
  • 7. The curse
  • 8. The end of the warrior nation?

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Piet Erasmus, University of the Free State

Professor in Anthropology

December 1, 2015

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