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Engaging the fourth industrial revolution: Perspectives from theology, philosophy and education

Some of the studies in this publication excavate lost or disappearing indigenous toponyms. Those researchers contribute in a very concrete way to the preservation of indigenous toponyms, and thereby also the associated cultural heritage. The other papers explore how place naming functions as a mechanism with which to create mental maps and exert socio-political power.

Jan-Albert van den Bergh (ed)
University of the Free State

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  • Introduction
    Engaging the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Perspectives from Theology, Philosophy and Education
    Jan-Albert van den Bergh
  • 1. Technology and Theology
    Finding the real God
    Louis Fourie
  • 2. Close encounters of the fourth kind
    A Theological essay about new technologies
    Ruard Ganzevoort
  • 3. Theologising emerging technologies?
    Rian Venter
  • 4. The “Fourth Industrial Revolution”:
    A case of South African techno-messianism
    Johann Rossouw
  • 5. From Harari to Harare
    On mapping and theologically relating the Fourth Industrial Revolution with human distinctiveness
    Danie Veldsman
  • 6. What is the shape of future ethics?
    Anton van Niekerk
  • 7. Towards transforming university pedagogy and curricula for the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Heinrich Prinsloo, Francois Strydom
  • 8. Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Adaptive changes for sustainable distance theological education
    Marilyn Naidoo
  • 9. Religious leadership and the Fourth Industrial Revolution
    Towards a competency framework
    Ian Nell
  • 10. The impact of emerging technologies on liturgical practices
    A thanatechnological exploration
    Nicolaas Matthee, Cas Wepener

Author Biographies

Jan-Albert van den Bergh, University of the Free State

Faculty of Theology

Louis (LCH) Fourie, University of the Free State

Research Fellow of the Department of Practical and Missional Theology
Faculty of Theology and Religion

Ruard (RR) Ganzevoort, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

Professor of Practical Theology and Dean
Faculty of Religion and Theology

Nicolaas Matthee, Stellenbosch University

Research Associate in the Department of Practical Theology
Faculty of Theology

Marilyn Naidoo, University of South Africa

Professor of Practical Theology
Department of Philosophy, Practical and Systematic Theology

Ian (IA) Nell, Stellenbosch University

Professor of Practical Theology
Faculty of Theology

Heinrich Prinsloo, North-West University

Instructional Designer
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Johann (JH) Rossouw, University of the Free State

Professor of Philosophy

Francois (JF) Strydom, University of the Free State

Senior Director
Centre for Teaching and Learning

Anton (AA) van Niekerk, Stellenbosch University

Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
Director of the Centre for Applied Ethics

Danie (DP) Veldsman, University of Pretoria

Department of Systematic and Historical Theology

Rian Venter, University of the Free State

Department of Historical and Constructive Theology

Cas Wepener, Stellenbosch University

Practical Theology, specialising in Liturgy and Homiletics

February 11, 2022

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