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Majority World Perspectives on Christian Mission

It affords us real pleasure to present this editorial on behalf of the Majority World Christian Leaders Conversation (MWCLC). The MWCLC started slowly, but surely since 2016, following a groundbreaking conversation among eleven mission practitioners from the Majority World who met in the United Kingdom somewhere between London and Oxford. At the meeting, several themes emerged under the banner of missionary questions and impulses of the Majority World, from the perspective of the reign of God. These themes and more find reflection in the book. However, before proceeding to the content of the anthology, a note on the concept “Majority World” seems necessary. The time where terms like “Third World” gained strong currency, is long since gone. The term “Majority World” is a new kid on the block and requires some clarification. The use of the term is a strategy of avoiding concepts like “Developing” or “Third World” or even “Global South” which are pejorative in a real sense. To speak of the Majority World is geographically accurate in that Africa, Asia and Latin America are included.

Nico A. Botha (ed)
University of South Africa
Eugene Baron (ed)
University of the Free State

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  • 1. Global South Christian Leaders
    An African Perspective
    Peter Tarantal
  • 2. Church and Mission
    Unavoidable Issues in Defining the Relationship
    Nico A. Botha
  • 3. Missiological Challenges for Hinduism
    Moses Parmar
  • 4. Mission Partnership in a Polycentric World
    Patrick Fung
  • 5. Christian Missions to Islam
    A Mena Perspective
  • 6. The Role of Christians in Nation-Building
    Gideon Para-Mallam
  • 7. Christian Humanitarianism through the Lens of the Church in the Majority World
    Rupen Das
  • 8. The Shift in Global Christianity
    Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward
    Hwa Yung
  • 9. The Questions for Post-Apartheid South African Missiology in the Context of the Fourth Indistrial Revolution (4IR)
    Eugene Baron
  • 10. The Gospel and Nation-Building in Emergent Nations
    An Evangelical Agenda
    Hwa Yung
  • 11. Discipleship as the Measure of Sussecc for the Church
    David Ruiz
  • 12. Re-Evangelisation of the West and North America
    Krishnasamy Rajendran
  • 13. Christianity Missions to Islam
    An Asian Perspective
    Ben Abraham

Author Biographies

Nico A. Botha, University of South Africa

Professor Emeritus, Missiology

Eugene Baron, University of the Free State

Senior Lecturer, Missiology

May 12, 2022

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