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Sexuality, Society & Pedagogy

Sexuality, Society and Pedagogy problematises some of the prevailing assumptions that frame this area of study. In doing so, it aims to make visible the challenges of teaching sexuality education in South African schools, while demonstrating its potential for reshaping our conceptions of the social and cultural representations thereof. Although the book is largely situated in experiences and perspectives within the South African context, it is hoped that the questions raised, reflections, analyses and arguments will contribute to thinking about sexuality education in diverse contexts, in particular more developing contexts.

Dennis Francis (ed)
Stellenbosch University

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  • 1. Sexuality education in South Africa
    Dennis Francis
  • 2. Mediating sexuality and HIV and AIDS in schools
    Lessons for teacher education
    Jean Baxen, Lesley Wood
  • 3. HIV/AIDS pedagogy and teacher emotions
    The heart of the matter
    Jaqueline Naidoo
  • 4. Letting our commitments rest on the shelf
    Teaching about sexual diversity in South African schools
    Dennis Francis, Renée DePalma
  • 5. Sex education in a coloured South African township
    Social challenges and pedagogical opportunities
    Jennifer Brown, David Dickinson
  • 6. HIV/AIDS and sexuality education in the Life Sciences classroom
    Life Sciences teachers as conscious practitioners
    Ronicka Mudaly
  • 7. Representations of LGBTI identities in textbooks and the development of anti-homophobia materials and a training module
    Cheryl Potgieter, Finn Reygan
  • 8. Troubling the socialisation of the sexual identities of youth with disabilities
    Lessons for sexuality and HIV pedagogy
    Paul Chappell
  • 9. Learning from the learners about sexuality in a participatory interview in a South African school
    Rob Pattman
  • 10. Using drama to (dis)locate queer sexuality
    Gabriel Hoosain Khan

Author Biographies

Dennis Francis, Stellenbosch University


Jean Baxen, Sol Plaatje University

Deputy Vice Chancellor: Academic

Paul Chappell, University of Johannesburg

Department of Anthropology and Development Studies

David Dickinson, University of the Witwatersrand

Department of Sociology

Gabriel Hoosain Khan, University of Cape Town

Inclusivity and Capacity-Building Specialist

Ronicka Mudaly, University of KwaZulu-Natal

School of Education

Jaqueline Naidoo, University of KwaZulu-Natal

Teacher Development Studies, School of Education

Rob Pattman, Stellenbosch University


Cheryl Potgieter, University of KwaZulu-Natal

DVC: Humanities

Finn Reygan, Human Science Research Council

Human and Social Capabilities (HSC) 

Lesley Wood, North-West University

Community-Based Educational Research

February 1, 2014

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