Editorial Advisory Committee

The UJ Press Editorial Advisory Committee consists of members of the University’s Faculties with representatives from each Faculty as well as an independent counterpart for each. The Manager of the Press is an ex officio, non-voting member. Each member is appointed by the Executive Director: Library and Information Centre. The Chair of the Committee must be a current member and is appointed by a majority vote at the first meeting of the Committee. The Committee meets once a year. It is responsible for the imprint of the Press. In addition to reviewing publishing proposals in their field of expertise, the Editorial Committee reviews and participates in the formulation of Press editorial policy, and provides guidance and support on acquisitions and the strategic direction of the Press.

1. UJ Members

  1. Engineering & Built Environment: Prof Saurabh Sinha (Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Research and Internationalisation)
  2. Law: Prof Letlhokwa George Mpedi (Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Academic)
  3. Art, Design & Architecture: Prof B Schmahmann (SARChi Chair: South African Art and Visual Culture)
  4. Education: Prof Elizabeth Henning (Director: Centre for Education Practice Research and SARChI Chair: Integrated Studies of Learning Language, Mathematics and Science in the Primary School)
  5. Humanities: Prof Brendon Barnes (Vice Dean: Research, Faculty of Humanities)
  6. Science: Prof Andre Strydom (Professor of Physics & Vice Dean of Research and Postgraduate Studies, Faculty of Science)
  7. Business & Economics: Prof Kelvin Bwalya (Vice Dean: Research and Internationalisation, College for Business & Economics)
  8. Health Sciences: Prof Heidi Abrahamse (Director: Laser Research Centre & SARChi Chair: Laser Applications in Health)
  9. Advanced Study: Dr Bongani Ngqulunga (Director of the Johannesburg Institute for Advanced Study)
  10. Africa-China Studies: Dr David Monyae (Director (GES) Confucius Institute & Centre for Africa-China Studies)

2. Independent Members

  1. Engineering & Built Environment: Prof Fernando Buarque (School of Engineering(POLI)-Computational Intelligence Research Group, University of Pernambuco)
  2. Law: Prof Muna B. Ndulo (Professor of International & Comparative Law, Cornell Law School)
  3. Art, Design & Architecture: Prof Federico Freschi (Head of College of Art, Design & Architecture, Otago Polytechnic)
  4. Education: Prof Pamela Mason (Director of the Language and Literacy Master's program, Harvard Graduate School of Education)
  5. Humanities: Prof Lewis Gordon, Professor and Philosophy Department Head, University of Connecticut
  6. Science: Prof Silke Buehler-Paschen (Institute of Solid-State Physics, Technical University of Vienna)
  7. Business & Economics: Dr Lubinda Habaazoka (Head of the Graduate Business School, University of Zambia)
  8. Health Sciences: Prof Marianne Cronje (Head of the School of Molecular And Cell Biology Wits)
  9. Advanced Study: Prof Patricia Daley, Professor of Human Geography of Africa at the University of Oxford
  10. Africa-China Studies: Prof Xiaoming Wang, Dean of School for Global Education and Development, University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences